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Ender’s game - Review

While I agree that Card’s views on certain matters are more than narrow minded and childishly ignorant, I have to say that the book “Ender’s game” and frankly the entire series is a must read when it comes to SF. Though a bit ironic when compared with some of the authors discriminating views, the books deliver a companion filled inner struggle in relation to racial morality and coexistence.

The movie, “Ender’s game” has a terribly hard time competing with the written variant in relation to depth and detail, as all more profound creations, it manages to cover most important moments in Ender’s evolution from a brilliant young boy to the war machine and tool needed to ensure humanity’s survival.

Visually, it was two hours of eye candy with variations from photo-realistic cgi to more symbolism oriented and cartoonish animations which were both gorgeously portrayed. No complaints in regards to sound either, the music shifting completely from the upbeat combat scenes to the eerie, more thoughtful atmosphere.

All in all, the cinematic adaptation has indeed delivered, in my opinion, and while some scenes deserved a lot more detail to fully be appreciated, I doubt it could have had a better outcome than this. If you feel you want more of “Ender’s game” after watching the movie, I urge you to either read the books or listen to the audiobooks.

As I stand now on this seat of skulls seared and blackened by the wars of countless fallen and as I breathe in the stenching fumes of charred flesh and evaporated blood, I ponder if the paths taken and choices made couldn’t have been different, if in-staid of nuclear winds to burn our skins and sand crushed from concrete to cut our feet we could have had blue skies to warm our faces and fat grass to step upon.

I wonder, if this carnage brought upon us a poetic exposition of our past sins or simply the equalizing curse to finally deliver a killing blow against our species.

I wonder.

Nothing made me happen. I happened.


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AvenCharacter for a role play scenario I’m in. Took me about an hour to draw.
Drawn by me
Programs used; Photoshop


Character for a role play scenario I’m in.
Took me about an hour to draw.

Drawn by me

Programs used; Photoshop


Stopping by Quark’s Bar on DS9 to feed my gambling habit.

The only way I could leave Briarcliff once and for all was to find some way to forgive—someone to forgive.

Why do I get the feeling Dean has a WOW account? Or something.